1960- 1999

Pictures displayed in this section are from the collections of
Scugog Shores Musuem Archives and J. Peter Hvidsten

A truck tries to make its way from Port Perry to Scugog Island along the causeway
after severe flooding during the spring of 1960. It was this flooding that prompted the
reconstruction of the causeway by the Provincial government.


The "Foot" school, seen here in 1962, was one of three Scugog Island. The school was built
about 1886 by William Aldred, grandfather of Scugog Township Reeve Victor Aldred.

John Ballard's Lumber & Supplies on Casimir

Aerial view of the lake front, and Queen St., Port Perry, 1965.

Bob Archer Motors, sold Pontiac and Buick from this site at the corner of Water and Mary St., 1969.

The Carload Food Market in Prince Albert, Ontario about 1969, when it was owned and
operated by Marg and Ross Sweetman.

The Port Perry Catholic Church, 1960. The church was located at the intersection of
John and Casimir St., and was torn down in March 1975.

Port Perry council chambers during the 1960s. The wood panelled room consisted of little
more than chairs for the mayor and councillors in front of arborite tables.

The Port Perry Curling Club about 1968. It was opened in December 1958 and
cost about $45,000 to build.

This two-storey house and side office was built by Dr. S.J. Mellow in 1902, on Queen St. This photo
taken in 1966 shows a building, to the left, covering part of the house. It was later completetly
covered with another addition. It is located at about 249 Queen St.

Aerial view looking across Port Perry and Lake Scugog to Scugog Island about 1960.

Emiel's Place Restaurant and dining lounge, Queen St., July 1969.

Ideal Dairy and Diary Bar, Water Street, Port Perry mid-1960s.

Local auctioneer Ted Jackson, operated an appliance store in this building (237 Queen St.)
during the early 1960s. The business was sold to his son-in-law Howard Hall who later
changed the name to House of Howard.

Aerial view of the Peel's Poultry Farms Ltd., at the intersection of Queen St.and Hwy. 7A,
Port Perry, about 1960. Peels had an extensive operation, selling its famous breed stock
in more than 30 countries, on five continents. Peel's Poultry Farm ceased operation in
November 1975 and sold all of its holdings.

Pickard's Hardware was a familiar shop during the 1960s and 1970s. The store, at 182 Queen St.,
is seen above about 1960. It is currently The Nutty Chocolatier store.

View of the north side of Queen St., showing from right to left, Levinson's, Greer, Kelly Law Office,
Jackson's Pastries, Lake Scugog Lumber, Emmerson Motel, Elizabeth Shoppe, Dominion Grocery.

This Supertest gas station was located on the property now occupied by Pioneer Gas
on the north-west corner of Wilbur St. and 7A Highway. That's Charlie Reesor,
left and Irwin Tripp standing in front of the pumps in this 1966 picture.

A major snowstorm in the 1960's blocked the roads throughout the township, requring
bulldozers and heavy equipment to clear a path for traffic.


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