Three Port Perry High school graduates among Canada’s top 100
highest paid CEOs

George Cope

In In the “Insight” section Saturday January 8, 2011 of the Toronto Star, the newspaper listed Canada’s 100 top paid CEOs. Out of the list, three are graduates of Port Perry High School, a number not matched by any other high school in Canada!
The three PPHS grads who made the list are: #21 Tye Burt, #45 Keith Calder and #58 George Cope.

Tye Burt was featured in an article here in Focus on Scugog in April 2009. He graduated from PPHS in 1975 and is now the CEO of Kinross Gold, with a listed wage and salary of just over $9 million for the year 2010.

Tye Burt

After leaving PPHS, Tye earned a degree in history at the University of Guelph before heading for Osgoode Law School in Toronto.

He was hired by the Bank of Montreal’s Nesbitt Burns in 1986 and quickly rose to the position of managing director of their Global Mining department. In 1997 he became the Chairman of Deutsche Bank Canada, then of Barrick Gold before he was hired as the CEO of Kinross Gold in 2002.

Number 45 on the list was Keith Calder. Keith graduated from PPHS and attended Michigan Technical University where he obtained a degree in Mining Engineering. He was then hired by Hudson Bay Mining working in Northern Canada. From there he went into an administrative role with Zambia Consolidated Copper mines in Africa and then with the Minera Group in Bolivia and Argentina.

Keith Calder

His international experiences earned him a position with Rio Tinto, taking on administrative roles in Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Australia and England. In 2007 he was appointed as Rio Tinto’s Managing Director of Copper projects, a worldwide responsibility.
Keith was appointed as President and CEO of Western Coal Corporation in December 2009, the position he holds today.

Coincidently, in his graduating year at PPHS, his biography in the Hilltop, the school yearbook, stated “Someday Keith will become rich and famous.” He has certainly achieved that goal through hard work and a variety of experiences. He is listed with an annual wage and salary of just over $6 million.

One of Keith’s classmates at PPHS was #58 on the Toronto Star’s list: George Cope. The two graduated from PPHS together in 1981.

George Cope is the CEO of Bell Canada and BCE, and was featured in an article here in Focus in November 2006.

He was student council president in his graduating year, a star basketball player and school athlete of the year. He then chose to take business at the University of Western Ontario. He worked his way through the communications industry and is now the CEO of BCE (Bell Canada).

In September 2006 the Globe and Mail headlined his appointment as Bell’s CEO as “Bell’s Hope: George Cope.”

Four years later (March 2010) George appeared on the cover of the Globe and Mail’s magazine “Report on Business”. In its lead article the Globe praised his efforts in turning the money losing Bell Canada into a profit making communications leader. His reward for turning Bell around was a wage and salary of $4.6 million for 2010.

Port Perry High School graduates certainly know how to run the country’s business.

By Paul Arculus
Focus on Scugog