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Port Perry's Beautiful
Century Homes


The Bigelow house is the largest and finest examples of Italianate architecture in Port Perry. The house was built on Cochrane St. in 1876 by Joseph and Elizabeth Bigelow and remained in the family until 1980, when Bigelow's grandson William Carnegie sold it.

1885 sketch of the Bigelow House

This attractive Cochrane St, Port Perry residence was home to the Samuel Jeffrey family for more than 30 years. It was originally constructed in 1883 by Mr. Jeffery's partner, Thomas Courtice.

Lockerby House was the name give to this beautiful brick home, constructed by Major Thomas C. Forman at the corner of Queen and Caleb St., Port Perry in 1885.

Residence of David J. Adams, who built this home on Cochrane St. about 1871 after moving his money and land broking business to Port Perry from Prince Albert. After the death of Mr. Adams, the house was purchased by H.G. Hutcheson who was Reeve of Port Perry in 1909 and 1910.

The Burnham House, located at 53 Perry St., Port Perry was built for John W. Burnham in 1878. The house is located on a large lot that overlooks Lake Scugog to the east. Mr. Burnham served as the local postmaster for 45 years.

This presigious Port Perry home was built in 1873 by Mark Currie, a leading and respected businessman of the day. The house is located on the south west corner of Queen and Ella Street and is currently owned by the Bradleys.

This Cochrane St. home was built by Hubert L. Ebbles in 1869 and is currently home to Stephen and Alice Carnegie. The home has been in the Carnegie family for the past 80 years.

Residence of Hubert L. Ebbels as it looked in 1877. Sketch
from the Ontario County Historical Atlas.

This beautiful home was built on Queen St. by Dr. Orr Graham, a local veterinarian in 1885. Like many homes of this era, the porch no longer exists on the house, although the remainder of the home is in good shape.

Edward H. Purdy home, located on the west side of Simcoe St., just south of Town Hall 1873. In photo are, from left, Mrs. Purdy, E. H. Purdy, Dhel (Bentley) Purdy, and Hardy Purdy. This photo taken in 1920s. The house still remains today, although the large two storey porch has been removed.

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